Sequoia at Washington Harbour Elegant Restaurant Wedding in Washington, DC

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SCOTUS & Marriage Equality: what it means in my relationship with my mom 

Read this- An interview with my dad: Catholicism & coming out – By Cameron Esposito 

I identify with this article so much. 

My mom Amy was the first person to text me today after the SCOTUS decision because she knows that marriage is something I’m looking forward to with Nicole. I cried. 
I know that it’s been difficult for us both to come out & handle the “coming out”. But to have my strongly catholic mother support me today and everyday in becoming the person I truly am is the greatest gift. 

Today is about more than just equality for me & the woman I love & am going to marry. It’s about thousands of families & couples. It truly is about LOVE. #lovewins


Sequoia at Washington Harbour Best Waterfront Bars From Georgetown to Annapolis

Thank you NBC Washington for recognizing Sequoia as one of the best waterfront bars in the area!